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Works in Progress:

  • Bootstraps
    Rural Appalachia – Speculative Fiction – Adult2350180402_de44fca70c_z
    A One-Percenter is ejected from the lap of luxury and finds himself outside the hallowed  halls of his neighbourhood. He meets a handiman called Curtis, and has to navigate his way through a growing resistance to the life he always knew to be right.
    Status: Rough draft in progress
  • CASI
    Distant Space – Sci Fi – Young Adult

    The Starship Australis’ maiden voyage is doomed, and the cutting edge artificial intelligence technology it was carrying is missing. One young girl is the secret…
    Status: Outline in progress
  • Chiaroscuro
    ???? – Speculative Fiction – Adult
    Foto-Shooting mit Model
    A subterranean life of quiet, unquestioning toil isn’t good enough for one inhabitant. They seek to find out what lies beyond the ceiling platforms, heeding the calls of the maddened blind.
    Status: Concept stages
  • Daughter of Thieves (Co-Authored)
  • The Fifty Year Harvest
    American Deep South – Horror Parody – New Adult2289070591_0494c0fc51_z
    A young woman escapes a toxic relationship and finds herself in a sleepy backwater town with one stoplight. However, things are not as they seem. Can she unravel the mystery of the Peach Festival before it’s too late?
    Status: Outline in progress
  • Nine Lives
    Paris/Düsseldorf/New York City – Action – Adultparis-street-signs
    Lawyers, gangsters, lovers, professional thieves, doctors, and their collateral damage. Nine lives, woven together into a collision course with the law. A rat race to see who comes out on top, who comes out unscathed, and who walks away with the loot.
    Status: Outline in progress
  • Nushada
    The Afterlife/East Coast USA – Urban Fantasy – New Adult
    An orphaned girl finds the mysterious woman that is her only clue to her parents’ deaths. But her quarry has a quandary of her own: the souls of the deceased are lingering on earth, when they should be in the afterlife.
    Status: Rough draft in progress
  • Poppy & Fisher (Co-Authored)
  • Shroudland
    Montana – Mystery – New Adult
    In a retelling of a literary classic, a young man is settling into a new job in a rural funeral home. But when things start to go missing, he begins moonlighting as a detective, and what he finds could shred the fabric of this tight-knit community.
    Status: Research stages
  • Winterslayer (Co-Authored)

Short Stories: