Curated here is a master list of everything I'm currently working on, as well as my writing portfolio. If you've any questions about anything here, please feel free to drop me a line.

Works in Progress:

  • Biographikill
    London - Paranormal - Adult
    A man stumbles across a dusty old science fiction book, but the book's title names him. As he reads it, he realises that despite obviously predating him by several decades, it is actually a completely accurate biography of himself.
  • Bootstraps
    Rural Appalachia - Speculative Fiction - Adult
    A One-Percenter is ejected from the lap of luxury and finds himself outside the hallowed  halls of his neighbourhood. He meets a handiman called Curtis, and has to navigate his way through a growing resistance to the life he always knew to be right.
  • CASI
    Distant Space - Sci Fi - Young Adult
    The Starship Australis' maiden voyage is doomed, and the cutting edge artificial intelligence technology it was carrying is missing. One young girl is the secret...
  • Chiaroscuro
    ???? - Speculative Fiction - Adult
    A subterranean life of quiet, unquestioning toil isn't good enough for one inhabitant. They seek to find out what lies beyond the ceiling platforms, heeding the calls of the maddened blind.
  • Daughter of Thieves (Co-Authored)
  • The Fifty Year Harvest
    American Deep South - Horror Parody - New Adult
    A young woman escapes a toxic relationship and finds herself in a sleepy backwater town with one stoplight. However, things are not as they seem. Can she unravel the mystery of the Peach Festival before it's too late?
  • Nine Lives
    Paris/Düsseldorf/New York City - Action - Adult
    Lawyers, gangsters, lovers, professional thieves, doctors, and their collateral damage. Nine lives, woven together into a collision course with the law. A rat race to see who comes out on top, who comes out unscathed, and who walks away with the loot.
  • Reclaimed
    Northern Georgia, USA - Speculative Fiction - New Adult
    Edith Moore wins the prestigious birth lottery, meaning she'll soon become a mother. But she is reluctant to give up her promising medical career, and there's an even bigger obstacle to over come when her commute home turns into a fight for survival.
  • Starting with Death
    The Afterlife/East Coast USA - Urban Fantasy - New Adult
    An orphaned girl finds the mysterious woman that is her only clue to her parents' deaths. But her quarry has a quandary of her own: the souls of the deceased are lingering on earth, when they should be in the afterlife.
  • Poppy & Fisher (Co-Authored)
  • Shroudland
    Montana - Mystery - New Adult

    In a retelling of a literary classic, a young man is settling into a new job in a rural funeral home. But when things start to go missing, he begins moonlighting as a detective, and what he finds could shred the fabric of this tight-knit community.
  • Winterslayer (Co-Authored)

Writing Portfolio

Short Stories:
Articles and Essays:
  • How Elvis Died (Finished)
  • Trust No Witch (Finished - for now)
  • The Survible (Ongoing)
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