Stephanie E.

On copywriting:

“Holly managed to produce quality work with a tight turnaround. All the  blogs I asked her to write for my organization were well researched and excellently composed, requiring little to no editing on my end. She has such a wonderful ability for writing and research – I highly recommend hiring her for your content needs.”

On fiction writing:

Holly and I have known each other for nearly 15 years, and in that time I have written in tandem with her, almost non-stop. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with an artist that not only loves her craft but builds up other writers. I know this first hand, as Holly has used her innate skills as a writer and as a teacher to help me grow over the last decade and a half.

Our initial meeting was through online written RPG forums, where Holly and I became fast friends and even began running a game together, which ran off and on for a few years. We were able to hypothesize, plot, and execute those plotlines for the players. Holly organized, managed, and executed the plots with exceptionally smart dialogue and descriptions. She effortlessly matched the previously established writing style and provided our players with a unique experience, tailored specifically to them and their character. Her approach to the game was always player-first.

Though the game eventually fizzled, Holly was craftily able to morph the world we created into the setting for a novel. She has an unquestionably masterful eye and has been able to keep true to the essence of the game we created while imagining something absolutely fresh, splendid, and enthralling.