Andy Irving

“I have worked with Holly for some time on various writing projects, and have found her to be a force of positive change towards how I conduct my own writing. She has the firm hand of an editor, but having been a writer and creative herself she knows what it takes and does not break the artist to harvest the art. 

She also has a strong capacity for self organisation, which would be vital for organising a team. Combine this with her strong work ethic and you find in her a motivated and potent employee, learning all the skills they require to get the job done and holding her team to a firm standard without harming them. 

Holly has an expressive style, with an expansive knowledge and sympathetic understanding of world realities that inform her writing to a strong degree. It gives her literary output a far more authentic air, allowing readers to become much more engaged with her work. 

On a separate but related note; Holly is genuinely empathetic; having experienced many team leads in my time I have found that ones with only a superficial level of concern for their employees or subordinates never could get the most out of them. I feel that Holly’s understanding, combined with knowing when to be firm, would allow her to interact with her team on a level that would boost morale and productivity.”