Daily Prompt: Cavity

cavity social poem

cavity like the one in your chest just because they said you were resisting arrest cavity like the ones in your teeth leading to extraction cause you can’t afford to treat cavity like the ones that get searched… Read More

Reviews for Writers – SocialPilot

socialpilot social media scheduling

Comparing HootSuite and SocialPilot with writers’ marketing in mind.

Daily Prompt: Dominant – Allele Appeal

oval face cleftless widow’s peak eyebrows bushy, sepa r ated skip mascara dimples free lobes almond eyes .f.r.e.c.k.l.e.s. tongue rollin’, no foldin’ wax my middle finger can’t thumb a ride bent pinky left over right brush the back… Read More

Monthly Update – January 2018

golden glass of champagne with a black background

An update for November about writing, current projects, and JOMO.

And the end is near.

rural road at sunset

An update for November about writing, current projects, and JOMO.

“What do you wanna be for Halloween?” “Asleep.”

candles, pumpkins, animal skulls

Introduces a writing group, talks about upcoming features, and recaps September activity

What if I told you August would be better?

Uhaul moving truck flying through the air over tree and building

July has been a crazy month. There’s been a few minor wins, and a lot of major setbacks. Most of it down to unfortunate timing and there isn’t much that can be helped in that department. In short,… Read More

Camp NaNoWriMo: The Road So Far…

Camp NaNoWriMo is going about as well as this car's owner's day.

5 tools for hitting writing goals, as learned from the first week of Camp NaNoWriMo.

June is over? Julying.

This monthly update is gonna be exciting.

It’s been an exciting month around here. I finished my photography course, and I’ve been on several photo shoots, including one with human subjects! I haven’t done much with people, and I don’t think it would ever be… Read More

It’s learned to use tools…

I’ve decided to give Habitica a try. I love the interface so far, because it lets me keep everything together. It has the functionality of smart diary or whatever that program was, but makes it fun and more interesting… Read More