Social Media Scheduling for Writers – TweetDeck

social media scheduling tweetdeck

Comparing HootSuite and TweetDeck with writers’ marketing and social media scheduling in mind.

About a Girl: The Abridged (no, really) Autobiography

READER BEWARE: I ENJOY TALKING ABOUT MYSELF. The Origin Story I got my start, as so many of us did, roleplaying via instant messenger and message boards online. I started my first novel circa 2000 on the family… Read More

Monthly Update – March 2018

monthly update march 2018

A monthly update for March about writing, current projects, and other miscellany.

Reviews for Writers – Social Booster

social booster social media scheduling

Comparing HootSuite and SocialPilot with writers’ marketing in mind.

Mundane Description

“Annie! Annie, are you up yet? I’m taking the kids to school!” Avery’s voice carries well throughout the house and reminds me of home. I’m awake, but have yet to rise. I have to now. First stop is… Read More

Daily Prompt: Encrusted – The Northwest Passage

The wind howls, but the sails are still Stiffened in the inescapable chill Rigging once full of avian cries Now just cloth encrusted with ice Creaking wood moans low under the wind Trapped and left with nothing to… Read More

Daily Prompt: Constant

Change is constant This is all we know I’m a spring singer a summer sojourner in autumn, an artist and a winter writer Live in an instant Just go with the flow I’m always uncomfortable because I’m always… Read More

Daily Prompt: Lecture

Make sure you use the appropriate pencil Don’t draw freeform, use this stencil Armed police keep you safer than a fence will Dress for Jesus, and don’t be sinful We don’t want you led astray, we’ll blur out… Read More

Be Wilder: an advice poem

Be wilder: Baby girl please don’t age; you’re so pretty Be wilder: Pretend you’re a ballerina Be wilder: But be nicer to Tina Be wilder: One day you’ll travel the planet Be wilder: Make a wish; the candles… Read More

Monthly Update – February 2018

A monthly update for February about writing, current projects, and other miscellany.