There was a time when I wasn’t interested in photography. I couldn’t imagine being that person lying on the ground in a ridiculous pose for the sake of a fantastic shot.

Then I got a Sony Xperia Compact. This is a mobile phone with a stupidly high megapixel camera (adjustable between 20-23MP on the high end) and I started using it. A lot. I enjoyed the fine detail it managed to capture, and while it had no real usable zoom capabilities (not necessarily a fault, just a fact of the format I suppose) it did allow me to get some good shots.

As I spent more and more time out and about taking photos and trying to get interesting angles, I started getting more and more attention from them. Facebook friends commenting on photos to say they were amazing. Instagram likes, despite barely knowing what I was doing.

I decided I wanted a proper camera. I’d accidentally stumbled upon something I was both good at and very interested in.


To browse some of my work, check out my Instagram. I also have a secondary account for the small plush bunny that sometimes accompanies me on trips.

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