[Obligatory Green Day Reference]

Monthly update dropping like these crisp autumn leaves

Except I would hate to miss the end of September – it’ll mark five years married to my partner! So the end of the month will be a wash, because we’ve got anniversary plans, followed by my first trade show, and then possibly a friend visiting.

I really have barely written anything this month, but it hasn’t been wholly unproductive. There’s been lots of site updates, little tweaks here and there, including a reference sheet for keeping track of the various writing Twitter tags. I also added a freebie: an up to 10-page critique for new followers!

Work has been hectic, planning two trade shows and an awards dinner simultaneously, while we’ve also been interviewing for a new team member. I can’t wait for them to start, because it’ll make life so much easier on that front. In addition, we’re still unpacking and settling into life here, which hasn’t helped.

So while there’s very little to report for August, it’s been a much more easy going month, which I think I definitely needed. September is bringing a lot of challenges and big events, including the next round of NYC Midnight’s Flash Fiction Challenge! I’ll be looking forward to seeing how I fared last round, and squaring down a new prompt next month.

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