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Monthly Update – January 2018

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It’s the first monthly update of 2018!

I’ve given up on finding funny and/or clever titles for my monthly updates. I just simply have better things to be getting on with. But the format is also going to change. Rather than being a summary of the previous month’s going-ons, these regular monthly update posts will now be a snapshot of what content you can expect to see during the coming month.


There are going to be a lot more reviews, for starters. Book reviews, for starters, one a month. Additionally, I previously mentioned Hootsuite and how I use that to manage my social media, and how they changed their post scheduling limits for the free accounts. This means shopping around for alternatives, and the first of those alternatives’ reviews will be out this month.

Writing News!

I’ve joined NYC Midnight’s Short Story Competition again. Last year was a complete disaster, so I’m hoping for a better result this year. The first round kicks off on 26 January! There was also a plot epiphany for my WIP, Nushada, so I’m hoping to have that rough drafted by springtime and ready for querying this year. You may also start to see more regular flash fiction on here, as I intend to start writing more of that. I also hope to get back on a regular update schedule for my WattPad WIP, The Survible.

And what does all that mean?

This site is slated to be far more active going forward. You’ll be getting at least one book review a month, in addition to the usual once a monthly update post. As time allows, I’ll be looking to add more content, and for the next few months you can enjoy an ongoing feature where I help writers find the social media scheduling assistant to suit their needs. And of course, if there’s anything you’d like to see here, let me know!

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