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It’s learned to use tools…

I’ve decided to give Habitica a try. I love the interface so far, because it lets me keep everything together. It has the functionality of smart diary or whatever that program was, but makes it fun and more interesting to use. I’m hoping I can find some other people to use it with. I think that that’s a huge hurdle for me. So if you use Habitica, let me know?

Today also saw me venturing back into the realm of actually writing things. I worked on Bootstraps a little bit this morning, and updated The Survible for the first time in months.

All of this, combined with increasing my participation in the frankly amazing Twitter-based writing community and no less than three batches of stellar photos in one month has truly felt like climbing out of a deep hole. Like that one from Milo & Otis. You know the one.

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