Game of Silence is the latest film project to chug through Duluth

This was written for the Southeastern Railway Museum’s newsletter after a film production company rented the premises for several days.

Once again, SRM found itself playing host to some rather extravagant guests. For four days, new drama series Game of Silence was on location, filming scenes for a hopeful upcoming season. They filmed both day and night scenes with us, including some starring our leading lady for train operations, Georgia Railroad 1026! As we learn more about air dates, they’ll be posted here to keep everyone in the loop.

Game of Silence is the latest in a long string of guests to come out and film with us. The Vampire Diaries, HBO’s Bessie, and In Dubious Battle, starring James Franco, have all visited the museum and made good use of our all-star lineup of historic railroad equipment. Our exhibit pieces were also used in The Lost Valentine, starring Betty White, and we’ve helped two 48 Hour Film competitors in their whirlwind productions. The second of our 48 Hour Film entries won an award for best editing, and the first showed off the museum’s spooky side with a horror theme.

As more productions make use of the property and equipment, more industry professionals find out about us, which in turn leads to more filming. It’s a cycle that lets our old, retired girls continue to reach beyond the rails and delight new audiences the way they once delighted people of all ages in person. Be sure to keep a watchful eye on trains you see on the silver screen–they might just be ones you’ve ridden behind or explored as a guest of the museum!

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