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Freelance Editing Services

Hello writery types!

Are you looking for someone to help polish your work? I’m willing to be a critique partner, or do some copyediting, as my schedule allows.

What I can do:

  • Continuity checks
  • Find typos and grammatical errors
  • Make gentle suggestions for rewording
  • Fact check science and history (to a point!)

What I won’t do:

  • Brainstorm for you
  • Name characters/places/etc
  • Write for you

Together, we can take your writing to the next level!

Developmental Editing
  • – Price per 1000 words
  • – Fiction topics: Characters, story, and outline
  • – Nonfiction topics: Premise, content, clarity, outline
Structural Editing
  • – Price per 1000 words
  • – Moving content for optimal cohesion and clarity
  • – Makes your writing more effective
  • – Price per 1000 words
  • – Focuses on style, formatting, and accuracy
  • – Mild reworking of content

  • – Price per 1000 words
  • – Catches typos and formatting errors
  • – Does not include rewrites or content editing
Beta Reading
  • – Price per 1000 words
  • – Feedback based on a blind read of your work
  • – The final stage of proofing your work
Query Coaching
  • -Price per query pack
  • – Pack includes elevator pitch, tweet pitches, synopsis, query letter, pitching practice
  • – I coach you through the process

Holly combines the attention to detail essential to a good copy editor with the big picture perspective needed in a skilled beta reader.

She’s not afraid to tell authors what works and doesn’t work in their creations and offers recommendations for tightening and improving that lead to a superior finished product.

My best – Dave

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