Daily Prompt: Constant

Change is constant
This is all we know

I’m a spring singer
a summer sojourner
in autumn, an artist
and a winter writer

Live in an instant
Just go with the flow

I’m always uncomfortable
because I’m always changing
my identity’s portable
we’re not in the business of prearranging

Staying the course is nonsense
Burn down the status quo

Are you a shark, a crocodile, maybe a tardigrade?
No, and that’s why you have to progress
I’ve never sat still, I’ve always strayed
No delivery, just carry out, when you order success

Change is constant
You know which way to go.

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2 responses to “Daily Prompt: Constant”

  1. I liked the alliteration… just enough of it so that it didn’t overwhelm…

    1. Thanks! Glad you liked it. I’m a big fan of alliteration, puns, and other obnoxious wordplay. 🙂

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