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2019 Update So Far!

From Time Capsule Back to Website So I’ve not put a lot of new content on here, I know. It’s really going to get in the way of my meteoric stats rise, and that’s a shame, but let me explain. I’ve been reconsidering where…

What if I told you August would be better?

Uhaul moving truck flying through the air over tree and building

July has been a crazy month. There’s been a few minor wins, and a lot of major setbacks to talk about in this monthly update. Most of it down to unfortunate timing and there isn’t much that can be helped in that department. In…

June is over? Julying.

This monthly update is gonna be exciting.

It’s gonna be an exciting monthly update. News and projects I finished my photography course, and I’ve been on several photo shoots, including one with human subjects! I haven’t done much with people, and I don’t think it would ever be a main focus….