2019 Update So Far!

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So I’ve not put a lot of new content on here, I know. It’s really going to get in the way of my meteoric stats rise, and that’s a shame, but let me explain.

I’ve been reconsidering where I place my work online, and how best to use my website. For now, I think there’s going to be a lot less new content on here. What you can expect are larger monthly update posts. These will attempt to capture what I’ve been writing and creating elsewhere in the world.


Now of course, you can always check out my writing portfolio page for a master list of everything I’ve written and put out into the world, but here’s what I’ve been up to so far this year:

So at a glance, it looks like I’ve abandoned Ash & Feather for Medium. That’s not entirely true, but going forward a lot of my short-form writing will end up on Medium. Why is that? Honestly, because it pays. Not a lot, but enough to usually cover my phone bill each month, and certainly more than the nothing I was getting out of publishing directly on here.

I also won the February qualifier for Hammer & Tongue Solent. They’re a poetry slam competition, and I’ll be competing in their regional slam in December. If I’m one of the two best poets that night, I’ll go on to perform at the national slam at the Royal Albert Hall! So wish me luck!

Speaking of poetry performance, I’m regularly going to open mic nights and improving my technique, and I’ve started recording my readings. I’m hoping this will lead to a poetry-based YouTube channel, but in the meantime any videos will go up on the Ash & Feather Facebook page.


Itchen to Write has been growing as a platform for affordable, accessible writing workshops across a broad range of disciplines. So far this year we’ve hosted workshops on screenwriting, plot and structure, found poetry, and this month we’re doing editing! You can find out more about our events on Meetup or Itchen to Write’s website.

I’m also teaching a variety of courses for Eastleigh College:

If you’re local to the area and fancy learning a bit more about these subjects, head over to their website and book your place!


My freelance writing work has tapered off somewhat, so if you’re interested in working together, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I have a wide range of experience in copywriting, fiction writing, and other forms.


As mentioned before, I do have an Etsy shop now. At the moment it’s mostly ceramics and vintage books, but I’m hoping to add a wide range of bullet journal layouts, prints, and planner PDFs in the future. If there’s anything you think would be good to add, let me know and I’ll look into it!

My social media presence has been growing; I’m over 1k followers on Twitter now, and creeping up on 200 followers on Instagram. Neither of these are particularly branded, but I post a lot of nice photography and political memes so if that’s your thing consider adding yourself to a growing crowd of people with excellent taste.

Anyway, I think that’s about it for now. As always, comments and suggestions are always welcome!


What if I told you August would be better?

Uhaul moving truck flying through the air over tree and building

July has been a crazy month. There’s been a few minor wins, and a lot of major setbacks. Most of it down to unfortunate timing and there isn’t much that can be helped in that department.


Not without magic, anyway.

In short, I had four major things happen in July. The first was Camp NaNoWriMo, the second was getting a promotion at work that came with three events that need planning, the third was participating in NYC Midnight’s Flash Fiction Challenge, and the last was moving house. It was a perfect storm of so much to do, so little time.

While I enjoy event planning and have a strong background in it, it is a tremendous amount of work, on top of some things I already had going on. Working full time left very little time for writing, which also had to compete with packing and routine housework for my free time in the mornings and evenings and weekends. One of those weekends I dedicated to the Flash Fiction Challenge (though I did that quite gladly, it’s a wonderful contest and I had a blast writing my entry!), and now our intended new home has fallen through and is probably going to end up being a major pain at this point. We’re scrambling to sort out living arrangements for next month, with some very promising leads. So without further ado, here’s what was accomplished:


I had a lovely shoot at Lincoln Castle and Lincoln Cathedral, bolstered by a few shots around Lincoln in general and some by London Waterloo. I’ve already started posting these on my Instagram, and started a travel-only Instagram featuring a tiny pink bunny. Follow my personal ‘Gram for bees, cats, and highlights from my photo shoots. Follow the bunny for his travel blogging.

pink stuffed bunny sitting on stone wall

How can you resist that face?

I’ve also signed up for several stock photography sites. You’ll soon find my work for sale on several websites, such as: Dreamstime, Alamy, Crestock, and Photo Dune. Watch this space for links.


I didn’t reach my word count goal for Camp NaNoWriMo, but I wrote 16k words for my first draft of Nushada. I’m still proud of that, because it’s 16k words I didn’t have written previously, and it’s still an impressive amount in a short time span. I’m finding it particularly cathartic, and I still want to, and plan to, have it ready to query by 2018 (Agents…).

I did complete the first round of the NYC Midnight Flash Fiction Challenge. You can read that here, if you’re interested, and I’ll be finding out how I did before the next round in September, which is fine by me as it gives me a month to recover from July.

That pretty much covers all major developments this month, and I have high hopes for August. I want to continue working on Nushada, take more photos, and continue to brush up on my flash fiction skills. Until next time, kiddos!



June is over? Julying.

This monthly update is gonna be exciting.

It’s been an exciting month around here.


I finished my photography course, and I’ve been on several photo shoots, including one with human subjects! I haven’t done much with people, and I don’t think it would ever be a main focus, but I do want to try and get some studio portraiture under my belt. It’s just nice to have that skill set, even if it’s one I rarely indulge in. I’m quite happy with my bees and my flowers and things like that. I think that when you’re enjoying your work and have a passion for the subjects that comes through in your finished work.

I also received a promotion at work today, which was a great way to end a day, a week, and a month! I’ve got a new title, Marketing Executive, and a little more money in my pocket each month. It’s really nice to be in a job I actually enjoy, working with friendly people that see and appreciate the work I’m doing. I don’t dread going into work, I get to laugh a lot with my colleagues, and I no longer have to worry about watching what I say because of office politics or getting stabbed in the back. I’m also getting to develop some weaker skills, like in design, which I can apply to my writing and photography hobbies as well.

Speaking of writing, Camp NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow. I’m participating for the first time ever, and I’m pretty excited so far. Two days ago I finally hammered out a hard outline for Nushada, and got myself pretty psyched about it again in the process. I’m hoping that having a good plan of where the story is going will allow me to pick it up literally whenever I can, instead of hemming and hawing over where the story goes next before I start actually putting words down. For those of you participating, I’d love to hear about your projects!