When I was a child, I had no siblings and lived in the rural wilderness of West Virginia. My imagination was my best friend (along with my cat) and I filled my days dreaming up impossible worlds. Bridge to Terabithia became my favourite book, because it told me a story that was all too familiar: refuge from poverty and unpopularity in an imaginary kingdom, all around us and yet invisible to those who didn't look too closely.

As my friends and I grew up, their worlds grew quiet, but mine persisted. I whiled away countless days and nights unable to escape unreality as so many others did. These worlds and characters refused to be silenced. So I started telling their stories, and haven't looked back. Writing isn't an option. It's as necessary as respiration.

I'm an author of fiction in a broad range of genres. These include sci-fi, high fantasy, women's fiction, and horror. My work has been featured on Medium and Who Writes Short Shorts, and I have published a book of poetry on Kindle.

Additionally, I am deeply interested in history and science, and writing humorous nonfiction. I enjoy outdoor activities like archery, geocaching, hiking, kayaking, and river tubing.

You can find me on Twitter, Medium, and Instagram.