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And the end is near.

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The end of the year, that is.

Writing News

It’s another year of me not officially doing NaNoWriMo, and yet, through Itchen to Write, this is probably the most involved I’ll have been to date. I’m also planning to attend the local NaNo events, and do some writing. This is largely because I’m on track to get Nushada finished by the end of the year, which is pretty exciting.

I’ve been playing around with HootSuite alternatives recently, so hope to have some reviews to post soon. You can also find an interview I did with Jillian Kent over on her website.

On the personal front…

Something that’s been on my mind more and more is the need to pull back. I’m more and more of the opinion that I’ve overstretched myself on commitments. I currently attend at least one writing workshop a month, run an average of three writing meetings a month, plus play D&D every Tuesday evening, attend a creative writing class every Thursday evening, and work a full time job doing social media, blogging, and event planning. This month I have an awards dinner immediately followed by a trade show exhibition. Most of my weekends end up full as well. And it is exhausting.

I read some time ago an article about JOMO (Joy Of Missing Out) and it resonated with me more than FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) ever did. I’ll be trimming the fat in regards to my social commitments in an effort to free up some of my energy. I want to focus on doing a few things really well, rather than half-assing lots of things out of a sense of dread and obligation.

And what does all that mean?

Ideally, it’ll mean you’ll see more content here, because my writing will be one of my primary focuses. It’ll mean working my way through my stack of WIPs, and getting to the querying stages. It’ll mean tackling my TBR list, and working on improving my health. All good things!

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