Month: September 2018

(Not so) Irrelevant Reviews – A False Report

a false report book review

In some ways, this particular title didn’t seem appropriate for a book review. A False Report is the true story of a serial rapist, how he was brought to justice, and the victim that nobody believed. But honestly, this book needs as much publicity…

Monthly Update – September 2018

Monthly update dropping like these crisp autumn leaves

A monthly update for March about writing, current projects, and other miscellany.

Irrelevant Reviews: The Cat Who Series

When I was growing up, I’d often spend the night at my grandmother’s house on the weekends. There were plenty of benefits to this: strawberry ice cream was served nightly at 7pm, there was a cherry tree in the back yard, the guest room…

Blood, Sweat, and Tears in Reality

figure silhouetted against a spiral of sparks and flame

A flash fiction story based on the single-word prompt ‘twist’.