Month: March 2018

I gave up Facebook for Lent and here’s what happened.


I’ve got a friend I’ve known for years, and every year she quits Facebook for Lent. Her excitement and anticipation for this social media detox was contagious every year, and I was so envious of her. So this year, I gave it a try….

Wellies, Whovians, and Worbla: Your Guide to Sci-Fi Weekender 2018

What is Sci-Fi Weekender? Madness descends upon a quiet, seaside holiday park in northern Wales, just a short drive from Pwhelli and near Snowdonia. For three days (Thursday-Saturday, missing Sunday which I found odd for a ‘Weekender’ event but hey ho) all the main…

You lost your pen (The Pen Saga)

For the uninitiated, this is a continuation from a couple prompts in March 2018’s #WritingBored hashtag game on Twitter. You race to the docks, knowing each minute without your pen is valuable words unwritten. Your story is dissolving before your eyes, as surely as…

You Could Write Anything

Go on. Try it. Maybe start with a word. The most lovely word. Your favourite, in fact. Describe its colours. Describe its sound. Tell us about the music it forms in your mind. Set that paragraph into a context. A scene. A moment. A…

Social Media Scheduling for Writers – TweetDeck

social media scheduling tweetdeck

Comparing HootSuite and TweetDeck with writers’ marketing and social media scheduling in mind.

About a Girl: The Abridged (no, really) Autobiography

READER BEWARE: I ENJOY TALKING ABOUT MYSELF. The Origin Story I got my start, as so many of us did, roleplaying via instant messenger and message boards online. I started my first novel circa 2000 on the family desktop computer(it was about dragon-themed magical…

Daily Prompt: Captivating

cages. collars. manacles. chains. camps. iron shackles. cops. cordons. ID laws. courts. congress. silence falls. curfews. contained. building walls. comfort. complicit. captivating animals. via Daily Prompt: Captivating

Daily Prompt: Typical – Tie Pie Cal

Tie Pie Cal lives in a small town But her bakery’s known for miles around No one’s more nimble with pastry dough No one’s cream peaks just so But the number one thing for which she’s known Is the eponymous Tie Pie, which makes…

Irrelevant Reviews – The Hate U Give

Don’t let the title of this post fool you. The Hate U Give is anything but irrelevant. It’s just the first in a series of book reviews I’ve planned where the books have been out for awhile.

Monthly Update – March 2018

monthly update march 2018

A monthly update for March about writing, current projects, and other miscellany.