Wellies, Whovians, and Worbla: Your Guide to Sci-Fi Weekender 2018

What is Sci-Fi Weekender? Madness descends upon a quiet, seaside holiday park in northern Wales, just a short drive from Pwhelli and near Snowdonia. For three days (Thursday-Saturday, missing Sunday which I found odd for a ‘Weekender’ event… Read More

You Could Write Anything

Go on. Try it. Maybe start with a word. The most lovely word. Your favourite, in fact. Describe its colours. Describe its sound. Tell us about the music it forms in your mind. Set that paragraph into a… Read More

Social Media Scheduling for Writers – TweetDeck

social media scheduling tweetdeck

Comparing HootSuite and TweetDeck with writers’ marketing and social media scheduling in mind.

About a Girl: The Abridged (no, really) Autobiography

READER BEWARE: I ENJOY TALKING ABOUT MYSELF. The Origin Story I got my start, as so many of us did, roleplaying via instant messenger and message boards online. I started my first novel circa 2000 on the family… Read More

Monthly Update – March 2018

monthly update march 2018

A monthly update for March about writing, current projects, and other miscellany.