Daily Prompt: Conveyor – Belts: poems on socioeconomics

conveyor belts socioeconomics poems

Bible belt
churn 'em out
a factory of the devout
'Thou shalt not' is only for she
MANifest destiny given to he
who preaches virtue
never thinks, only pursues
riches he can't do without
though it's rotting his heart throughout
I guess that these men of God
figured it out, give them a nod
they passed those camels through those eyes
greased up with the Arabian prize
that justifies all our modern wars
killing strangers by the scores
all for God's well-oiled machine
inextricable from the American Dream

Rust belt
bygone eras, faded glories
dried up towns with dying stories
brown with dust
now red with rust
but for a brief flash in between
boundless prosperity was all that was seen
nobody wants to face the setting sun
so they pluck their eyes and load up on guns
and fight for the bones
of a future blown
cause now we cannot see the future
can't see how to move past the sutures
of an economic gash that'll never heal
until we learn to reinvent the wheel
Detroit doesn't need to put people back to the grind
composing the same manufacturing rhyme
we're post-industrial, that song's been sung
Michigan doesn't need accusations slung
across a Congressional aisle,
blaming China doesn't feed a child
only together can we find a cure for this wasting malady
as Ford once said: don't find fault, find a remedy.

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