cavity social poem

like the one in your chest
just because they said you were resisting arrest
like the ones in your teeth
leading to extraction cause you can’t afford to treat
like the ones that get searched
by the ones that never put your dignity first
like the way your stomach feels
when you gotta choose between your rent and your meals
like the one violated
by somebody who said they loved you, but couldn’t be sated
like the growing divide
between knowing they told the truth, and knowing they lied

via Daily Prompt: Cavity

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socialpilot social media scheduling

Social media scheduling is a life saver. HootSuite drastically limited the amount of scheduled posts a free account can have at any given time. I’ve previously talked about how HootSuite was my personal saviour, but unfortunately their pricing levels are a bit steep for me to pay to continue using it as I’d previously been for free.

Now, this isn’t to say that I’m not happy to pay to play. But when the free option gives you three social profiles and 30 scheduled posts across all three profiles, and the next level up is ten profiles for $20USD per month, along with plenty of other features which I feel to be unnecessary for where I am personally, it does sting a bit. I could happily stay with HootSuite if they introduced a cheaper, more entry-level option. But they haven’t, so I’m shopping around, to the benefit of my poor, poor readers.

Image result for help me i'm poor

My first candidate is SocialPilot. I’ll be exploring the free options, as well as trialling their entry-level paid account.


First and foremost, SocialPilot is for B2B social media scheduling. Most of its features, while seemingly robust and well-implemented, will be fairly useless for an individual trying to build an author platform. It has helpful tools like account grouping and team/client support, bulk scheduling, and at the higher end, some analytical tools.

What fired me up:

Not a lot, if I’m honest.

The user interface for creating posts is far superior to Hootsuite’s:

post ui

It’s clean, intuitive, and doesn’t vanish if you dare to hover your mouse elsewhere on the screen. That last part in particular really irritates me about Hootsuite.

You also have the ability to browse curated content, and select from popular articles on certain topics. This is similar to Crowdfire’s suggested posts, except you have a little more to choose from. Hootsuite, as far as I can tell, does not have this feature.

RSS feeds are another option, but admittedly one I never really got into and thus don’t know much about and don’t use. If you have any suggestions on using RSS feeds, feel free to pop them in the comments below.

What fizzled:

I did notice a tendency for SocialPilot to delay posts by up to fifteen minutes. For many people, this may not matter, but I’m of the opinion that if I wanted it to go out fifteen minutes later that’s when I would have scheduled it.

Additionally, even when trialling the entry-level paid version I didn’t get access to analytics. And it lacks the one thing I like about Hootsuite the most: the monitoring feature. I couldn’t see any way to replicate the hashtag monitoring feature I use to keep abreast of the frankly exhausting number of writing related Twitter tags, as well as a few Instagram ones I like to watch.


SocialPilot is a very easy to use social media scheduling tool. It has a pleasantly straight-forward UI and has been very well developed. However, for my personal use, I find it works better as a supplement to a free Hootsuite account rather than a replacement.

Keep an eye on this site, as this will be the first in a series of posts examining the pros and cons of more of Hootsuite’s competition.

golden glass of champagne with a black background

It’s the first monthly update of 2018!

I’ve given up on finding funny and/or clever titles for my monthly updates. I just simply have better things to be getting on with. But the format is also going to change. Rather than being a summary of the previous month’s going-ons, these regular monthly update posts will now be a snapshot of what content you can expect to see during the coming month.


There are going to be a lot more reviews, for starters. Book reviews, for starters, one a month. Additionally, I previously mentioned Hootsuite and how I use that to manage my social media, and how they changed their post scheduling limits for the free accounts. This means shopping around for alternatives, and the first of those alternatives’ reviews will be out this month.

Writing News!

I’ve joined NYC Midnight’s Short Story Competition again. Last year was a complete disaster, so I’m hoping for a better result this year. The first round kicks off on 26 January! There was also a plot epiphany for my WIP, Nushada, so I’m hoping to have that rough drafted by springtime and ready for querying this year. You may also start to see more regular flash fiction on here, as I intend to start writing more of that. I also hope to get back on a regular update schedule for my WattPad WIP, The Survible.

And what does all that mean?

This site is slated to be far more active going forward. You’ll be getting at least one book review a month, in addition to the usual once a monthly update post. As time allows, I’ll be looking to add more content, and for the next few months you can enjoy an ongoing feature where I help writers find the social media scheduling assistant to suit their needs. And of course, if there’s anything you’d like to see here, let me know!