June is over? Julying.

This monthly update is gonna be exciting.

It's gonna be an exciting monthly update.


News and projects

I finished my photography course, and I've been on several photo shoots, including one with human subjects! I haven't done much with people, and I don't think it would ever be a main focus. But I do want to try and get some studio portraiture under my belt. It's just nice to have that skill set, even if it's one I rarely indulge in. I'm quite happy with my bees and my flowers and things like that. I think when you're enjoying your work and have passion, that comes through in your finished work.

I received a promotion at work today, which was a great way to end a day, a week, and a month! I've got a new title, Marketing Executive, and a little more money in my pocket each month. It's great to be in a job I actually enjoy, working with friendly people that see and appreciate the work I'm doing. I don't dread going into work, and I get to laugh a lot with my colleagues. And I no longer worry about watching what I say because of office politics. I'm also getting to develop some weaker skills, like Indesign, which I can apply to my writing and photography hobbies as well.

What's on the horizon?

Speaking of writing, Camp NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow. I'm participating for the first time ever, and I'm pretty excited so far. Two days ago I finally hammered out a hard outline for Nushada. I'm hoping that having a good plan will allow me to pick it up literally whenever I can, instead of hemming and hawing over where the story goes next before I start actually putting words down.

For those of you participating, I'd love to hear about your projects! Are you pantsing or plotting? First time or old veteran? Leave a comment!

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